Anadish Kumar Pal
Research in Gravitation, Energy and Space
I had not been very successful in the field of inventions in the sense that I could not attract any capital to my inventions, nor could I push enough resources to develop a few inventions to showcase; however, I managed to personally prosecute and receive ten U.S. patents (Nos. 6,717,300; 7,017,696; 7,170,047; 7,284,628; 7,474,020; 7,541,563; 7,637,462; 7,830,059 , 7,863,785 and 8,521,029) on the use of induction motor as a sensor, a personal mobility vehicle (PMV), a contact-less non-optical computer mouse suitable for 3D applications, a robotic platform, an electromagnetically controlled valve-less internal combustion engine, a revolutionary electromagnetic gas-operated gun with smooth bore, a BVI-noise reduction technique for helicopters, a linear motor for electromagnetic launch, a very high torque electric motor and the last one on how to modulate gravity.

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